Friday, September 24, 2010

Edgewater Gallery is having a show of my new work for the month of October. There will be some new pieces in my totem pole series as well as my new "Woodland" pieces. These came from my idea to make some smaller scale stacked work. I got the idea to use a piece of wood for the base instead of the metal bases I use on the large work. After a trek through the woods and dragging back a wonderful twisted piece of redwood root I got a reality check from a woodworking friend on what would need to be done to turn my wet, mossy chunk of wood into a sculpture base. I had an aha! moment of realizing that it would be a lot more fun for me to make the wood from clay than to try and re-fashion the real wood into the shape I was ultimately looking for. My new series uses a variety of hand-made wood shapes and sizes to support the sculptures above.

Edgewater Gallery is located at 356 N. Main St. in Fort Bragg, CA.

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