Monday, June 14, 2010

Animal Art at John O'Lague Gallery

Well I've gotten behind on posting to my blog so I'm going to do an update of the last month. My show, Animal Art, opened last Friday at the John O'Lague Gallery in Hayward. It's in the City Hall building on B Street in Hayward, CA. This is the first time I've shown only animal sculptures. It will run until July 23rd. I also have 2 totem poles back at the Christensen-Heller Gallery in Oakland, CA. It's nice to be back there again!

After the success of 'Behind the Garden Wall' I've been held over at Dimensions Galleria in Petaluma, CA. They will continue to show both my totem poles and my frog pottery.

Edgewater Gallery in Fort Bragg is hosting a show of artworks by artists from Miasa/Omachi Japan. They have sent over beautiful pieces and it is such a treat to get to enjoy them for the month. The show will run through June.