Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Potter's Council Porcelain Workshop

I just got back from a fabulous workshop in not-so-sunny San Diego. The weekend focused on working with porcelain. The highlights for me were the presentations by Tom and Elaine Coleman. I've long been an admirer of their work so it was really fun to get to meet them and watch them work. i got to bring home a sample of Coleman Porcelain which I'm anxious to try. I haven't thrown with porcelain in MANY years so I'm up for the challenge. If nothing else it will make beautiful angel Christmas ornaments.I usually use a white stoneware when I make them but the translucency of the porcelain will be really nice. Several of the presenters were using porcelain slip to enhance their surfaces. It was goopy and thick and wonderfully textural. I've been doing a lot of stamping in my own work recently so we'll see if I take a fork in the road to try some slip work.